Bonjour, my internet friend! :3

I finally got the chance to go out today! I wasn't able to visit the Holy Rosary Seminary Museum today (I'm still planning to, though!) but I did go to the mall. I didn't buy anything aside from food but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy my day! I plan to go around Centro tomorrow morning after breakfast (or before?) so I might have more photos for you tomorrow.


Our first stop was National Bookstore, which I regularly visit whenever I'm at the mall. I can't leave without stopping by there first. There were a lot of Christmas decorations already on display, more than Halloween stuff. It was also full of people who either read books or just roamed around (like yours truly). I'm disappointed I didn't get a picture with a mask and the prate hat, but in truth, I was just really shy to have my photo taken. It's an issue, people. I always ask myself, "Who do you think you are?! Trying to act like a celebrity and getting your photo taken? Nu-uh."

Our next stop was inside the department store (by the way, mom came with us, but she and a close family friend went off to see The Trial in the cinemas). This time, there were also a lot more Halloween decorations and costumes around. It was awesome. I wanted to take a lot of photos, but there were LOTS of sales people standing by that I couldn't take more than I wanted. Of course, Christmas decorations were still in abundance. But prettier.

I WANT THAT "ZOMBIE CONTAINMENT AREA" SIGN ON MY BEDROOM DOOR NOW. Sad thing is, I share my room with my mom and brother (the "perks" of living in an apartment in the city, right?). But someday. That's going to be on my bedroom door. YES.

So yep. Mom and tita Beth came out of the theaters around 4:40pm, and we ate meryenda right after. Nothing much happened then though. Tomorrow, I want to go around Centro and take photos. Really. And maybe visit the museum if it's open on weekends.