The weekend proved to be the most productive weekend I've ever had in terms of illustration and graphic design in general.

A few days ago, I posted about a typography design I did using a marker and sharpie pen, but I didn't really post anything about what I did with it afterwards (or what other nonsense I came up with after it). Here's a post that'll hopefully make up for the little space between, ;)

That's right. I downloaded a t-shirt mock-up on Deviantart (link) and just added color to my "typographic" designs. This is not the first time I've placed my designs on a shirt, but I've never had this much urge to actually get it printed out for me to wear.

Also, aside from those, I also got back to 2D animation (or rather, the little that I know of about it). I tried animating in Photoshop about a year ago, but never really had the drive to pursue it. Yesterday though, I seem to have pushed a button somewhere that had me crazy for 2D animation.

So yeah. Hahaha. I'm thinking about doing a full animated short in the next days, but with a lot going on and the nearing of the first day of classes for the second semester... things are looking pretty weak. But let's see.

xoxo Veeyah