The Seniors' Retreat comes to a close

*Sigh. And I was just starting to actually enjoy it.

Anyway, obviously, our 2-day retreat ended this afternoon, and personally, I felt like I could endure another day (though not a full one - just half a day to meditate on God's Word). It was a silent retreat, so we actually couldn't take pictures lest we distract the others.

I can say a few things about it though. Firstly, I came to realize how much I missed talking to God through my devotions. It's been forever since I last had my devotions, and it sucks. Secondly, I also realized how different everybody truly is. There were some folks in our batch that... well... let's just say "couldn't" understand how to read scripture, and that's truly fine. I guess I just expected that since we were all seniors in college, we all had this deep understanding of the Bible.

Moving on.

The experience was quite calming. It allowed me to step back from technology even for only two days, and it helped me assess myself as a person and where I am at this point in my life.

My favorite portion was when we were tasked to create our Mandalas. If you don't know what a Mandala is, it's a geometric pattern or sets of symbols that represent who you are. It's supposed to embody your whole being and speak of you as a human being. Here's a link from one of the many sites about Mandalas.

Of course, not everything about the retreat was heavy and dramatic. I also had moments where I wanted to relax and doodle a little on the journal I brought with me. I just sort of felt like my reflections were becoming too heavy to keep lingering on, so I took a little break once in a while.

As I said earlier, the retreat allowed me assess myself. It gave me a breather from everything around me. I had to let go of my worries, and I was able to successfully to do so during the two days of solitude.

Do you ever feel like you need to take a step back from life for a while?

xoxo Veeyah

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