Remember when I said I would be going to Dubai this December?
I didn't go.

Yeah, circumstances changed everything. First the visa, then the finances, then the big decision I had to make. My visa was alright, but then we couldn't get mom's passport in time from her boss (who decided to go to Dubai and tell his employees at the last minute). I don't understand why it had to happen, but heck, that's where my second hindrance came in.

Again, the issue about finances rose up. Mom and her other colleagues were supposed to get their work pay on the 25th-26th, but it didn't. If I didn't know better, I think their boss meant for it to come late. Sheesh. You know, my mom said that God may be telling me something with the events. She hinted that maybe, God doesn't want me to go to Dubai, not now at least. I mean, every time I was bound for that place, problems like this come up. Maybe she's right.

Now the BIG decision came. Do you guys also recall me telling you about my much anticipated purchase of a new laptop? Yeah, well, I found myself choosing between going to Dubai and spending on clothes and stuff, and THIS. Yep, and you know what I chose?
The laptop.

Now I find myself thinking if I made the right decision. Was it worth giving up a once in a lifetime opportunity for a laptop? Well? I'm still not quite sure about it.

So yeah, this was a buzzed up, fezzed up article which I had to write under time pressure (since dad came home and asked me to get my attention off the computer). LOL. Be back in a while. :D