A letter to your parents.
Dear mom and dad,

Happy New Year! I can't even begin to describe how wonderful life is with you guys, and with JP. So many things have happened that continue to keep us together, and with God at the center of our family, our love grows stronger each passing day.

Thank you for allowing me to grow in the spirit, and for helping me to grow stronger in the faith. Thank you for being open to me about biblical truths and principles that I'll be carrying as I mature. Thank you very much for guarding me and disciplining me, even though sometimes, I feel trapped and caged in. Thank you for securing me in your love.

Thank you for being there when I needed you, and for giving me the space I needed. I may be hard-headed sometimes and don't seem to value your words of wisdom, but be assured I prioritize and take to mind EVERYTHING you tell me. I love you and my brother more than words can say! 

There isn't really much more I can tell you, only that my life is better everyday whenever you guys are around. I'd give anything to always be with you guys. :D

Thank you, and I love you both!

Via ♥