1. I would NEVER trade my family for earthly riches.
If there's one thing that I would want more of forever, that would be my family. You might see me slacking or cutting classes (or maybe even watching movies I seriously HATE), but you'd never see me leaving/trading/using my family for myself. NEVER.

2. I would NEVER smoke. Ever.

Yes, you read it right. And don't give me crap about looking cool or some "health benefits" to be gained from this rampant addiction/vice. I don't believe inhaling smoke so strong even brings any good, so don't start with me.

3. I would NEVER have premarital sex.

I could list down a thousand reasons for standing up for purity, and could go on and on about it. I believe that everything has its time, even sex, and that should only happen after marriage. I've made a commitment to remain pure until the right man comes, and with the guidance of God, this will be no hard task. :)