Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 1: Something you have never done but would really love to.

Yeah, yeah. Short, and the laziness with the post is quite obvious, yes? Argh. Sorry for the lack of substantial posts these days! Actually, it's been another month since I last posted. Don't you hate sudden hiatuses? I definitely do. I was on a roll a month ago, before school work poisoned my system. It's even infected my summer vacation!

Yep, I have summer classes! I can't say if I'm excited or not, but then again, I always have mixed feelings regarding school days and stuff.

So sorry for my nonsense! I can't promise to post daily, but I guess weekly posts would suffice? Besides, you guys won't want to read my rants and randomness everyday would you? :) C'mon, I'm doing you a big favor here.

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