My Silver Lining

Hello again! This might be the busiest post-day I've ever had in my blogging history - and it's all because all the things that happened today.

First, the Google+ Hangouts with Demi Lovato this morning, then the "Never Have I Ever" challenge I got to do, then the photoshoot for our yearbook. I needed to de-stress, so I did. At Starbucks. With friends. And food.

I ordered a Dark Mocha Frappe and a piece of Cinnamon Danish. I can't believe how full this made me. I didn't even eat dinner anymore. (I'm currently in bed, in the comfort of my blanket and air conditioning on full blast.) Seriously.

It was weird because it felt like we haven't talked so much in months the way we did earlier, and it was an amazing de-stressor. We talked endlessly about issues at school, events that were going to happen in the coming days, our Senior Project requirements, and our overall emotions about everything.

As I said, it was incredibly weird. 

Before I go any further into this post, I just have to express how disappointed I am with the whole graduation shoot. So darn much. I can't even. Ugh. I don't even want to talk about it right now. Hahaha. Moving on!

So yeah. I think we spent more than three hours at Starbucks. We saw customers come and go, but we stayed. This rarely happens, especially when you're studying animation and deadlines are coming at you from all sides. We had to make the most out of our stolen free time.

In total, this day was balanced, somehow. A dash of disappointment, a bucket of happy times, and just great company. But, tomorrow's a new day, and we have to get back to reality (a.k.a. nearing deadlines).

xoxo Veeyah

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