Hey! :)

So... this was supposed to be "awkward post #2", but I decided it was a dead giveaway of something obvious (read: that I haven't updated this blog in weeks and made everything awkward all over again). *Le sigh. But that's not really the issue.

We're finally animating for our short film! Woopee! It feels DREADFUL, to be honest. We're chasing after a deadline that's coming closer to the end every day. One good thing about all this is that this week (starting tomorrow) is an unofficial, official holiday for us. It's our college intramurals, and since we have no event there, we're automatically sort of "free" from classes. Also, this week is the Pe├▒afrancia Festival in Naga. (I've blogged about this last year too.) I seriously hope we get no visitors. If we do, ugh, how will I finish animating my parts?

But yeah. I really can't rant on here, 'cause this blog's too public on my social networks. I want to tell you about how I feel with my current situation at school and stuff, but I'm not ready to have enemies. Let's just say that things could be better.

Here's the WIP of the set from about 2 days ago (it's done now btw).

...And a photo during our meeting with the TACTICS officers for the Gimmik Parade and Presentation for the opening of our Intramurals tomorrow. We were bored as hell. I don't think meetings are really our thing. At least, meetings which really don't speak our language. But, we behaved, if I may say so. Haha. 

(With Don Ramos. Check out his blog at GoodOldBoring.)

So there. My eyelids are too heavy to keep from sleeping. I really need to rest now, or I might not have the energy to animate the rest of my scenes tomorrow!

Good night!

P.S. It feels good to be blogging back home again.

xoxo Veeyah