I love fashion. So much that it hurts not to be able to actually go and see the show personally. (Darn.) But, thankfully through Vogue, I got to see the collection by awesome designers who participated in the NYFW - and I've chosen my top looks.

(All photos from Vogue.com)

Michael Kors

I just love how simple MK's collection was. Like, really, I would wear these pieces every day if I could. I'm not even kidding. This is my favorite collection from the whole show, and hopefully, these photos will make you realize why. Can you just imagine strolling through the streets looking this fashionable?! 

I especially love the color scheme of the whole collection. It feels so earthy and natural, and it looks so chic! As if these pieces don't convince you yet, check the others below.

Even if it weren't summer or spring, I'd wear these. You can't limit Michael Kors apparel to any specific season! It's like saying you can't eat ice cream during winter. Am I right?!

Oscar de la Renta

I've been hearing about him and his designs but haven't really taken the time to look at his pieces, but I was just blown away by how feminine they looked. He even started with my favorite shade of Pink!

Checkered has always spelled vintage for me. I'm just so happy to be looking at these images. Ugh, I wish I could've been there to see it myself! (Bonus points for the flower power going on at the back - love it!)

I'm looking forward to seeing more from him in the future. These designs are ultra-wearable.

Rachel Zoe

Her designs are so elegant and clean. When I first laid eyes on her collection, I was amazed. They looked really simple, but they were also elegant and very wearable. What is fashion if not to be worn? There are other designers whose pieces literally can't be worn on the streets and look better on the runway than in real life. Rachel Zoe is one of those who would be a staple in my closet for both fancy and casual occasions.

As I said, a great design for me is one that is wearable on the streets, and this collection is just the right closet for the word 'wearable'. How many times have I said that already?

Look out, graduation. I'm going to find myself some Rachel Zoe ensembles for you.

Ralph Lauren

Admittedly, some colors used for his collection aren't my type at all. You really wouldn't catch me wearing green or any shade of green. Even brights don't flatter my skin tone very well. However, his pieces looked fab enough for me to momentarily let go of my dislike for those colors and instead focus on his incredible designs.

One word: fabulous! I just have no other words to express my love for these designs. You'd be a dunce to not appreciate how good these would look on real life career women (and you know, just really chic girls). Totally imagining touring Europe with some of these dresses! Fingers crossed!

These are just a few of the designers that totally caught my eye for the NYFW. Part two's coming up soon, so stay tuned for the next post!

So, anyone want to go shopping with me? :) Let's grab something from Starbucks first though.