I am nervous for tomorrow's photo shoot.
Tomorrow's out toga shoot and creative shoot for graduation next year, and - eff all this - I am so friggin' unprepared.

I bought a white, long-sleeved polo from the mall (I wanted the one with the lace, but my mom chose for me instead, huhu) and am still at a loss for how to style it with jeans and my green and blue Grosby kicks.

*Le sigh.

I have stuff to post tomorrow (and I'm actually trying to start a vlog, but I didn't realize it would require SO much work) and a gazillion things to finish for school. When will hectic schedules ever end?

Anyway, I tried out KFC's new Japanese Terriyaki Bowl (Php 90+15 for drinks) and it was actually good. They had run out of normal chicken so I had to have mine spicy. But that made the whole dish even more delish.

I have to add that it was worth the money. (I don't know if that's just because I was hungry at the time, but whatever.) I'm going to try the Spanish Salpicao next time.

So there. I might have a post up tomorrow.
Signing off, good night.

xoxo Veeyah