After going over some blog designs and working on some of my own, I gave up. Last night, I logged out and didn't think about the design - until NOW.

What just happened? Did blogger have a glitch? My blog design is back to one of my early skins, which is waaayyyy weird. Anyone know what happened?!

I might settle for this until Saturday. There's just too many things (speak: PROJECTS) on my planner right now that my blog design will have to wait.

Apart from this small flubber, I received something AWESOME in the mail today. When I got home from school, my new macbook pro case was sitting on my desk! :)

Look here:

I can't get over how PINK it is! It looks even prettier, though I'm experiencing issues with the keyboard protector. :/ A shame. Typing with it is really annoying. Oh well. Maybe I'll make it function as exactly just that - a protector for when I'm not using it. Hahahaha.

So there. My next agenda is buying a new bag for it, preferrably one that looks just as cute and doesn't get dirty or look dusty easily. I have my sights set on a Cath Kidston backpack, but I'm still saving up for it. Money comes by so slow and goes away too fast, huh?

That's it for now. Figured I'd catch some zzz's before I neglect my needs and put up with another tired day tomorrow.

P.S. This Senior Project is really eating away at my free time (and sleep time). This just sucks.