Hello, blogging/internet world!

I can finally take an arrow out of my chest - we're done with one of the BIGGEST projects for this semester, our animated TV commercial (ATVC). Sad to say though, I'm not satisfied with my output at all (especially after seeing those of my fellows), and I really want to start over and exert more effort on it... but I can't. This is one of those moments where I have to let go and let God, as the saying goes.

Another disorienting piece of information I found out through a friend was the fact that some advisers were allowing their students to pass their projects before 5pm - when the original deadline was at 12 noon! I think it's unfair that one class gets to submit at a looser deadline while the other scrambles to submit at the agreed time. Really. And you call this "training for strict deadlines in the real world"? Congratulations. You FAILED.

In other news, more sleep-eliminating projects are coming our way. We're not even past half of everything. One thing I'm really excited/nervous about is our midterm exams for Philosophy of Religion class.We get to choose two topics from what we've already discussed in class and explain it back to our teacher (an oral exam). I'm thinking about discussing Thomas Aquinas and his proofs that God exist, and Rene Descartes, who proves God's existence through man's thinking capabilities. The catch is, every time you fall short of explaining your chosen topic, your 100 percent is reduced. The other catch is that when you discuss Rene Descartes in full French, you get an automatic "A".

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll realize that French is one of my ultimate language loves. Self-studying this language is a hobby, and it's been a great ride so far. However, I'm not incredibly fluent in the language yet, and I have less than 3 weeks to prepare for this oral exam. Ugh. Things I do to get an "A".

In a positive light, this week wasn't all bad. I got approved on my story concept for our next project (animated music video) immediately on my first pitch (which rarely happens with our highly experienced adviser). While my classmates were still animating their commercials, I was already creating thumbnails.

But I can't rely on merely being advanced. My fellows are incredibly talented, and I don't want to be the rabbit in the "Rabbit and the Hare" story. Nu-uh.

Thanks for baring with me in this no-image post. You realize I haven't had the time to actually draw anything (although I have one to upload which I did the previous week).

But until then, À bientôt!!