The stress, brah! The dang stress, brah!!!

As you can probably tell, my head's gone haywire (only a little), and it's all thanks to our Senior Production Animated TV Commercial project. We have less than a week to complete and burn it onto a CD, and what's worse is that the rendering time is going to be pretty long (as far as I can tell).

I did some test renders today, and thought I'd share my progress. :)

Most are still grainy though, but there's no reason to fret. I'll have it fixed by tomorrow evening. So anyway, I just wanted to take a break from Maya. My eyes are kind of sore from three days of sleeping late, so I want to change that tonight (or so I hope - it's already 10pm).

So yeah. I might post parts of the finished commercial by Saturday.
Until then, adios, my friends. ;)