Good grief! It feels like we just stepped into the month and now we're half-way in! Why has time flown by so fast for us?
Is it because of the pandemic?
Is it the monotony of everyday life, regardless of how we're going through the "new normal" right now?

Sometimes, I feel like the days merge into a senseless week and before I get the chance to breathe, I'm faced with the next batch of seven days.

Don't get me wrong - I like my job, and I have time for other passion projects - but I can't quite get the sense of having an "alone" time. Is it just me? Anyone else feel this way right now?

Granted, we're all at home 24/7 for the most part (aside from when mom has to work at the clinic or dad and my cousin need to do some errands), but I'd like to think there are ways to not feel like the same day is repeating, right?

So what's the issue?

My insomnia is getting worse, while the cycle continues: I try to sleep and close my eyes, I can't, I check my phone and do some online "add to cart" sessions, I listen to music, I listen to podcasts, and when those don't work, I force myself to sleep at 3AM. 


I think I'm overthinking every single day. Literally. Thinking of what will happen in the afternoon, what else I can do to keep myself busy, what I should be doing to keep Youtube uploads consistent and relevant - there's always something going on.

I told a friend earlier this week (or last weekend - like I said, everything's a blur at this point) that whenever I feel like I'm not doing enough in my day, I have the need to find something to do. 

Phrases like, "Sayang ng araw" (which means today would be a waste) get thrown around during these conversations, and we both agree that trying to relax would be pointless in our books.

We're workaholics... and 'millenials'... and bored all at the same time.

Like, what?!

On top of that, 2020 decided to be rude and be the worst year we've ever had on a global scale. Deaths, viruses, political propaganda, racism - everything's been magnified this year. 


Everyone will remember 2020 for all the wrong reasons, and I can only pray that 2021 will be better by a thousand percent. It'll either be better or it's definitely the end of days, haha!

So yeah.

I felt the need to check in and just leave a note for my future self to read about September. 

In the Philippines, September marks the start of the Christmas season (even though there's still Halloween, haha) but you can hardly feel it right now. 

Sure, there are malls that try their best to look cheerful and positive, but underneath all that lies the possibility of 2020 ending on the same depressing note.

Think positive, right?

Give me inspiration for the coming months please Lord?

Au revoir pour le moment, mes amis!