1. France

If you asked me what country I really liked 10 years ago, I’d answer “England” pretty fast. I was always watching movies that were set in London and the actors had lovely British accents. But since then, I’ve grown to desire France more. Is it because of their language (that I’m studying right now)? Is it because of their food and lovely sites? Is it because of the Eiffel Tower (that I crave to visit)? Up to now, I have no idea when I started liking his wonderful country, but it really doesn’t matter much. One thing I’d love to do in France is to study Fashion Design and work for Vogue. YES. Maybe as the EiC? :) Someday I’m gonna tick that off my dreams list. Oh, and they have a white Christmas.

2. United Kingdom

I still love this country as much as I love France, though not as entirely. (Huh?) Alright, that was a mess. What I meant to say is that the UK is almost as great as France IMO, so this comes in second place. As I said, I’ve always adored this country ever since my childhood years, and now is no exception. I would LOVE to visit London and go shopping, go to the Wax Museum and pose beside any wax model for photos, and just chill. I have an aunt there and says the winters there are pretty neat, so I plan to visit there maybe next year. (Hopefully.) One thing I ‘m not really fond of is the high tax residents of the UK have to pay. But above all that, life there seems awesome.

3. Germany

Hmmm. I don’t like Germany because of Adolf Hitler, so you guys can relax. But I can say that their food is AWESOME. Really. And as you might have noticed, I mostly like countries with really cold winters. I remember when Lana Packer (a missionary that’s visiting our church ATM) told us that even though Germans look and act real tough, they are the ones who respond to physical touch most over all the other nationalities. Maybe having a German bestie would be great.

4. Australia

Aussies, go! :) Have I mentioned before that we lived there for three years when I was a kid? Well, it’s one of the very few countries I’ve visited in my life and I simply adore it! (Maybe I should’ve placed this at the third spot.) Where should I start? I mean, this is a country where I’ve never felt left out, stressed out, or lonely. I lived the grand life there, so would you blame me for wanting to go back? :) Let’s see, the food is wonderful, their facilities are great too – and oh! The Olympic Stadium! Me any my pals used to swim there a few times every month and just hang out. I even remember the slides and the diving boards (which I was too scared to jump off of those days). But there you go. You should visit Australia someday, if you still haven’t.

5. Japan/Korea

Japan was one of my dream countries several years back too, maybe the same time I loved England. I was so fascinated by their language, their writing, their culture, and their talent at animation and drawing. And don’t forget their advanced technology. I still like Japan, but my favorites are just limited to three: language, talent, and writing.