Today, we fixed our room. Well, mom did most of it though. :) Tee hee...

We found a few things that reminded us of the fun past we had with our family, three small photos of my grandparents and me and AJ (Angelica) and other things. :)

Our scanner is still not fixed yet, and all our cameras and video cam are all out of charge. Hahaha. Seriously, I don't know why I don't bother charging them when my whole day is supposed to be captured. :) HUH? Sorry, not making any sense at the moment.

My aunt called this morning and reported about my laptop's progress. IT'S FINALLY FIXED! Yessss! Hahaha! The only problem was that it was in safe mode, and their IT Technician was able to fix it. It got me thinking that if I immediately followed the SM girl's advice and bought a Php 5,000 Windows 7 OS, it would have been a total waste. :) Good thing I asked for a second opinion.

Today is officially the day our stay here in Bicol turns a week. Confused? Ugh, me too. Anyway, nothing much has been happening in the past week. Total boredom. *sigh* Even my graphics tablet isn't working, partly due to the uncharged batteries for the pen. Laziness is striking at all the wrong spots. :(

One reason I haven't been able to continue my 62-day Insightful challenge is that everything is in my laptop.  Just thought you had to know that. ;)

Ayt, enough for now.
Good night people of the world!