I am extremely tired!! Sobra! (Super, in english)
Today was my brother's birthday, as I mentioned in my previous post and we had a lot (and I mean a lot) of visitors. Oh lol. SO much picture taking went on today, and the videos were almost epic. Almost.

Isn't it amazing how I can still blog about this when I am so beat up? This is just crazy.

Tomorrow, we're going to Naga to fix our schooling papers, enrolment and stuff. Looking forward to getting my papers processed in Ateneo tomorrow, then heading out to SM to have some frozen Yoghurt and a trip to National Bookstore. And let's not forget the blank CD's I just have to buy soon.

Everytime I think about Naga, the word stress just pops put of my head. I have NO IDEA why this is so. I'm hoping to find out soon, after we've settled down in the new, creepy house we're gonna spend 4 years in. NOT looking forward to it much! I guess I was expecting really clean and awesome houses, like the ones we lived in back in Australia and in Oman. These are the times where money would've been most helpful. But where is it when you need it!?

This is my mood tonight:

G'night, ya'll. X_X