Sunday, May 29, 2011

#112: Moved :) or :(

I'm still unsure of my decision, but for now, I have decided to move to a new house in cyberspace, under the rulings of Mr. Wordpress.

So though it somehow saddens me, I've moved HERE. Click to see the new blog! :)
But no worries. I won't delete this blog. :) I love the people I'm following too much!

Bye and see you guys at the new blog!

For my Art and Writing blog (still in wordpress), click HERE.

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  1. hala! wordpress ka na! why naman???

  2. Ranz!!!! Babalik na ako sa Blogger!! I miss my blog!!! :(( gagawa ako ng new post! hahahaha. I'm BAAAAACCCCKKK!



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