Hey there! I've been away for quite a while, yes? Well anyway, I just thought I had to share with you a couple of new things that'll (maybe) keep me busy this week.

First, I've made another blog, under Wordpress this time! It's a blog on my writing and art journey, so I bet it's going to be pretty good, LOL. Click this to view, please!

Second, we'll be moving in to the new house in Naga for my ORSEM week at Ateneo, on July 2-4. I may or may not have mentioned the drastic changes that happened regarding where we were going to stay, since we didn't push through with our first choice and instead pursued the other house, which is nearer to ADNU. Maybe I should make a separate post about that sometime? So yeah.

Third, my dad's going to come home for vacation on July 9, and though I can't personally meet him at the airport like I originally planned (darn college schedule!), I'll be able to meet him at the bus terminal in Naga. :) And that makes me excited just as much.

Another random thing I'd like to add is the fact that I am getting more addicted to Zombiepandemic, an online MMORPG that aims to mainly let you fight zombies, loot stores, and earn money. LOL. Gotta go! Here's a cute image to leave you with: