Let' start with the state of Blogger yesterday.

I tried to log in to my blog account to post something random when a message came on the screen (instead of the usual dashboard/home) saying that Blogger is fixing some issues about the Popular Posts widget due to the number of complaints over the past few days. Blogger wasn't accessible yesterday, and I really had to update my blog so... well anyway, it doesn't really matter since Blogger's back up today! :D

The Discussion

Okay, so I may  not have mentioned to you guys about me wanting to buy an Ipod Touch. I researched about it, the prices and where it was a helluvalot cheaper. I went to the Apple store in the Philly (online) and finalized on what I was going to buy. Here's the link: 8GB Ipod Touch. I sent it to my dad's inbox on Facebook, and waited anxiously for his reply. (Before I sent it to him, we already had a previous talk about the prices, and so I asked him if he could look at the Touch's price in Oman.)

So after a few hours, dad finally went online and we got to start our "discussion".
I told him about the converted price of the Ipod online, and it amounts to 112 in rials. It was pretty cheap, especially since it was already 8GB and stuff, right? Plus, you could get it customized and have an engraving on the back. Well, he then said the price for an Ipod in Oman was 85 RO. 85! It was cheaper! I then realized he was talking about the 4GB Touch. But whatever right? 4GB is better than nothing! SO I pleaded with him (through chat) to buy me the Ipod before he went home this June.
Well, it was also typical of dad to ask me why I needed it so badly.

I had to think of reasons kaagad! And as of that moment, my mind was totally not functioning. I told him I was going to need it for school. I gave him 3 reasons, and after a while, he replied back. He said, "Pag-pray natin yang Ipod mo for provisions, ok? Sabay sabay kasi ang gastusin eh." This reply of his actually gave me a glimmer of hope. At least he didn't say a final no. All I have to do is pray about it, and if God will allow me to have this bit of luxury, then thanks! Thanks so much! <3

Right now, I am pretty excited, even though the purchase of my Ipod still hasn't been confirmed. But c'mon! It isn't bad to have hope right? (Oh my gosh, I'm totally sounding like a materialistic person! Sorry about that. I don't know why I suddenly feel so drawn to Apple products these days! *sigh)