There are a million of things to be done before the end of this semester, and right now, I have absilutely NO IDEA where I should start and which tasks I should prioritize. (I'm even wondering why I'm blogging when I have Prefinal exams tomorrow! Argh.)

1. The Humanities project which we still haven't verified details for yet;
2. "Talumpati" (speech) for Filipino class that, although is easy in English, is proving itself very stressful;
3. The small group project that requires acting skills and good memorization (still for Filipino class!);
4. And finally, the dreaded Pre-final and Final examinations on Sept. and Oct.

How will I get through this? A question with the simplest, most obvious answer continues to stress me out. Of course God will be there with me, every second of the day, with or without exams. :) How comforting is that? Awesome.

Gotta scram and focus on studying for English and Philippine History. Have I mentioned these two subjects are both heavy on the brain and they follow each other every Tuesday and Thursday! Sometimes, school can be such a cactus.