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"Image Tuesday" is an image prompt (from here) that is held every Tuesday (as the title obviously points out).  You are given a picture and after some observation, are prompted to write your thoughts or ideas about it. So, let's get cracking and start the prompt!

Prompt: Sept. 27, 2011
cracked dirt with people in distance

Friendship is like this portion of the ground, strong, sometimes dirty, but strong nonetheless. However, trials/storms come and try to break that friendship, and if it succeeds, the relationship ends up like this - broken, and hard if not impossible to mend.

I've been at this situation in my life and believe me, it hurts more than a breakup (also based on observation because I have never been in a relationship to experience the latter first hand). It happened during high school, and there were three of us in the group. In the first two years of friendship, everything was great and even though we didn't agree on some things, the relationship worked for the three of us. However, because of an innocent joke I pulled on one of them, my friendship with her received a crack, much like the one in the picture above.
She told me that she was hurt about what I did and even though it was only a joke that didn't really tease or insult her, she explained that she had been experiencing already rotten feelings because of others, and my little joke blew the fuse. I apologized sincerely, and we resumed our friendship after that. But we weren't able to mend it to the way it originally was. Sure we were never hostile or cold to each other, bu the closeness was gone and I really regret that point in my life.
The single time I thought of being funny and silly turned out to be the biggest mistake I could make in a friendship as good as ours. 

But of course, I learned something valuable through that event, and that is to be more aware of other people's moods before doing anything sudden and unlike me. I don't want to plant bad seeds and regret planting them afterwards.