I can't believe it's actually 2012 already! I mean, who would've thought that one year could actually pass by and have me not even feel it? Well, before I go hooting and whooping again, I'd like to thank God for all His awesome blessings this past year:

- allowing me to start studying again
- touching people to help with the finances
- technology
- unspoken blessings
- meeting new friends
- adjusting to life in the Philippines
- inspiring the inner "artist" in me
- making me more mature in thought and actions
- allowing me to grow stronger in faith
- assuring me of His presence in my lowest moments
- wisdom, safety, & health for my family
- His love that never ceases
+ so much more.

I've generalized my thanks, for to list them all here would take more than a month to finish, and besides, I don't think I can remember all of them! There's just too many! :) But who's complaining? ;)

As I sit here on the bed, darkness around me with the laptop's monitor as the only light source, I write these thanks to God, for His goodness and grace towards me and my family. I wouldn't have made it through the year without His guidance. Now, with school resuming in just a few days (two, to be exact), I ask the Lord for His continuing guidance upon us, that He may give me the strength to accomplish everything that must be done and to excel in whatever task is handed to me, both in school and at home.

Now that's done...

WELCOME, sweet 2012!

I must admit I am waaaay too excited for whatever's going to happen this year. Who wouldn't be, if you have a handful of blessings on its way? I am just so amazed at how fast and just how on-time God always is in answering the needs of His children! But of course, let's save the details for another time, when my brain's back to its usual self. ;)

Okay, so here are some of the things I hope to do this year (or at least until after Summer):

- Finish Stephen King's book The Stand. I've read the first chapter already, so I know how great the book is going to be. It's the unabridged version, so it's very thick (just the way I like 'em).

- Finish the "Sketchbook Project" Project (hahaha) by mid-January, so I can ship it off to the Brooklyn Art Museum (in Brooklyn, obviously) and have total strangers admire, criticize or hate (hopefully not) what my twisted mind will come up with. (Hey, if you're somewhere near Brooklyn, and you have the chance to check out the art museum/display in April, I do encourage you to spare a few minutes and pass by! There are a huge variety of sketchbooks, from a variety of different artists from around the globe available for viewing, and I just think it would be awesome if you guys could check it out!)

- Finish all the short stories I've started last year (and the previous years) and (if I have enough skill left) maybe draw some illustrations for a few of them. (Oh, I'm such a starter, and almost always never a finisher. I rarely finish any story if I'm not under time pressure or if it's not a requirement for school.)

- Finish at least 6 novels during the first half of the year.

- Develop a habit of writing a blog post regularly (and by that I mean a strict day-to-day blog post). But It'll take a miracle and a whole lot of discipline for me to even make it through the first week!

- Attend all the org meetings without backing out the last minute. I've been having getting-to-know and first-time-to-attend issues for a while now, but with all the exciting projects my orgs are planning for 2012, I just can't find the courage to stay away any longer. I have to DO SOMETHING about my inferiority issues and shyness. 

So yeah. I mentioned I'd only be listing a few, and not the whole lot, so that's about it for now. Anything can change during the year, and I know it'll all be God's purpose. I entrust my future to Him, and my life, and I know that when I do that, I'm assured that when everything else around me plunges into deep waters, I'll be the good old submarine that still does what it's supposed to be doing under the same circumstances. 

Again, happy new year everyone and have a blast!