School has been killing me for two weeks now!
And to think that I only have 3 subjects since it's Summer! I get home, eat meryenda, study, eat dinner, watch a bit of TV or surf the net then at about 9:30pm, I go off to bed, and wake up at 6am - only to repeat the cycle. Gah!

I'm so sorry for being too lazy to post on my blog. It seems like the only stuff I can post are about the fashion ensembles I've done via Looklet the night before.

It has also come to my attention that I haven't even finished the blog challenge yet. :/ How very... like me. Aw! I don't like this one bit! *pout*

I promise to post something better after Summer classes are over, May 17.

But, 'til then, I'll have to endure 3 more exams. :( Can't life have a fast forward button already? Please?