Thump. Thump. Thump.

Let's cut to the chase. Um, so yeah.

I decided to give 10 free commissions to the first 10 DA members to comment on my journal entry here. Yes, I'll be doing it for FREE. Reasons?

1. I want to improve my art style.
2. I want to work under pressure (school and the commission deadlines).
3. I want to know what art people want.
4. I want to have fun! ;)

I'm not fishing for compliments, rather, I want people to critic my work and tell me where I should improve more. Hence the FREE commission.

If you guys want to take a slot, just comment on my journal entry via the link at the upper part of this post. :) You're going to have to be a Deviantart member to do that. Other details are already on the journal.

Help me out here people?