OMG this is soooo late! Hahaha. I really had to wait until the last day of the month to post my latest homework for English. *Facepalm*.


We were given two options (again) to choose from, and I chose Jesse and Joy's MV of the song "Chocolate", which I happened to memorize due to a challenge posed by a friend. :D (Woah. Getting off track again there. Must. Get. Back.)

From what I understood from the tempo, melody, and the music video, it was talking about a couple's love which was as sweet as chocolate, and though I did a short comic for this theme (it sucks though) I changed my mind after a few days.

For you guys, I'll post the shameful, shameful, SHAMEFUL excuse for a comic:
I'm so, so, so sorry for being bitter! XD I had no idea what I was doing until I zoomed out and realized how... hateful the comic was turning out to be. One more thing: don't mind the *shitty* (ehermm) drawing. Ugh.

Instead of being bitter about love and not receiving chocolate during Valentine's Day (flowers, yes), I did another artwork, which apparently has nothing to do (much) about the video.

(The stuff on her hand looks like poop. XD)

You may be wondering, "Why the randomness? Why not just ACTUALLY talk about the video, as instructed?"

I guess it's because when I first heard the song, every random thought got squished into one big sandwich, which made my mind less functional. If I relate this to the overall theme of "Chocolate", love, my mind would definitely go under the same process of getting jumbled up.

You see, love is so simple that thinking about it is too complex. You get worked up by the simplest things, like a guy going an extra mile out of his way just to get you home safely, or a girl laughing her hardest when with you and fidgeting whenever you look her way.

The point is, love doesn't require over-thinking things, because I believe it just happens. Take Alexander Fleming's accidental discovery of penicillin, or Richard James's discovery of the Slinky during WWII. They didn't plan on doing this - it just came to be. However, when they did find these things, the feeling was thrilling. It must've felt like they were one of the smartest people on earth, and the attention must've been sweet.

I could say the same for love. If you don't plan to meet the perfect partner and just focus on developing yourself for him or her, chances are you might truly enjoy experiencing love for the first time. Yes, love is an experience, not an emotion. It happens inside, and physical manifestations aren't the ultimate proof for it. (I might sound "well-versed" in this area, but no. Go look for an expert or something, someone who gives you scientific crap and makes you believe that often, it's all psychological.)

In the end, I realized a few things from the video, most of which are too personal to post on a blog. (Click "video" to view the MV.)

Until next time.