So, we went swimming.

It was one of those rare moments I had with my cousins (mother's side), and even though their dad wasn't as delighted upon learning of our little trip, everything went well.

I should have probably asked my cousins for permission to post this on my blog... but the picture's mine. Hahaha. To hell with it. Yadda.  Taken before preparing to leave. 

Walking up the road to our ride. I don;t think the tricycle can handle our...uhh... you know. 

Trying out the water before dipping in. I still remember how cold it was! This was a free-flowing pool -- no chlorine and fresh from the springs. *sigh* I have to go back there sometime.

I WANT TO GO BACK! :( I wish I was there right now, night swimming! 
But school's on Monday sooo... I guess it'll have to wait until next weekend. Hahaha.

Aaaaanddd... there's update no. 1!