Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here We Go Again

Yesterday, I felt the urge to take pictures of myself using my camera. Vain. Hahaha.
I wanted to experiment, and besides, I was wearing contacts, which rarely happens.
Minor light editing in Picasa 3.

At my "work station" as a few of my friends like to call it. :) 

Trying a cinematic effect for once. I truly love my eyes now. Haha. 

Ahahaha! Braces. I think it's the first time I ever took a picture with my braces in plain sight. I'm still not used to them though. >.<

Yay for the happy post!
Hoping to post more by tomorrow too.

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  1. hi! via.. si tita Laddie 2. Love the pictures... and your artwork... keep it up.. galing galing naman! :)



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