Last month, the third installment of the Iron Man movie series was released, April 24, 2013 to be exact.

As usual, I wasn't feeling hyped about it at all, since I'm not into the whole robot-action genre. It had to take my mom and brother's nagging me to go see the movie with them on the first day, and that usually means waiting in a LONG line to get into the cinema, add to that another line to buy the tickets.

Well, my brother was excited to watch and with only a few minutes to spare before the next batch of movie goers are allowed to go inside the theater, we hurriedly lined up to get our tickets. It wasn't a very long one (there were about 10 people lined up already), so a few minutes into the wait and we finally got our tickets.

So, was the almost two-hour movie worth the aching butts?


For those who haven't watched the movie, I won't be giving out too many spoilers, but one thing's for sure: IRON MAN 3 was AWESOME.

The Plot in General
In general, the plot was about Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) past catching up with him, and how his position as the government's war machine-man starts to affect everyone around him, especially the ever gorgeous Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow). Of course, a good movie has plot twists, and Iron Man 3 has a few to be revealed.

As I am in the field of animation, I think I'm quite capable of knowing if the effects used in the movie were flawless or otherwise, and the movie was no doubt edited to perfection. That's a good thing. The effects were great, with everything placed at the right moment, and each slow-motion scene (as expected of action movies) was very well suited for the specific take. The holograms were also absolutely WONDERFUL. You can't have Iron Man without those.

Other Observations
I must say how good the script was, with random sarcastic-yet-funny remarks from Stark, and the way the director visualized the scenes, especially those which were ordinary takes but given awesome camera work. Ben Kingsley played his "part" so well too.

In the end, IRON MAN 3 turned out to be a great movie, and whether or not you're a fan of the genre or its actors (though I have to admit that the cast couldn't be better than it is now), you'll find yourself turning into a fan of some sort and waiting eagerly for the DVD to be released so you can watch it over and over.

My Movie Rating:    

You may be wondering where the other half of the fifth star went off to. I won't point out specific parts of the movie (which may be a spoiler), but I know the plot is missing something. Watch the movie and see if you feel the same way.

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