5 Gadgets I (sort of) can't live without (plus a bonus!)

Hey! How has your day been so far? Mine? The usual - full of procrastination and really bad time management. Hahaha, just kidding.

I've been seeing lists everywhere on the web lately, and most of them are about gadgets they're addicted to or those which they use often. So today, I've made my own.

In no order:

1. Samsung Tab - This was given as a gift to be used for university, and I'm glad to say I've been using this for more than just reading PDF's, and making notes. The great thing about this is that it's 3G capable, so I use this both as a phone and as a tablet. :) It's been really handy, and though receiving a call from this baby prompts stares while I hold it up (I don't bother using headphones), all's fine.

2, Headphones - Ah, the purple, almost-never-bought headphones. Why, you ask? This awesome purchase wasn't planned at all, but when I saw this sitting by itself on the shelves inside a department store i Naga City, I felt the urge to buy it. It felt like if I didn't buy it, someone else would. Now, I'm not a shopaholic, but I DO know when I can or cannot let an object pass. So, with nagging my mom a little while she went shopping, I got to buy it. :) THE MUSIC IS MADE FROM HEAVEN. I LOVE listening to music with these. The bass just kills it (in a good way).

3. Philips GoGear Raga Player - My personal favorite and the longest gadget I've ever possessed. My dad bought this in Oman for me when he came home for vacation, a few (maybe 2) years back. I've never had issues with this, and the battery life is amazing. The songs are easy to locate and it can create a "smart" playlist which automatically plays songs of the same genre. When on shuffle, it plays your most commonly played music, so you won't have to keep skipping a song. I don't think I'm ever going to let go of this one.

4. Blackberry Phone - Another gift from a dear relative of ours, when she came home last year (or early 2013). It's been previously loved, and with it now in my possession, I plan to do the same. I've been taking good care of this phone, and it's been really great so far. I use a different sim for this of course. Lovely, lovely gift.

5. Nikon D5100 (the bonus - and the most obvious) - I don't have a photo of it (though you'll find millions on the internet if you Google it), but I think you have a clue about how much I adore this gadget. Dad bought the DSLR in Oman and sent it over for me to use in one subject at school that tackled basic photography. I've been having fun with this since last year, but I have yet to discover more of its features. The next thing on my to-buy list is a macro lens and a wide-angle lens. :) Just a few more months.

How about you guys? What are the Top 5 Gadgets that you use often (or simply can't live without)?
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