It was during the rainy season when the Ateneo Literary Association (ALA) decided to go on a Team Building Activity (TBA) of July last year. If you've lived in the Philippines long enough, you'd know that rainy season meant flooding everywhere, regardless of whether it's in the city or the provinces. The road to Ateneo wasn't saved from this. At all. On the morning of July 20, I arrived at school with this scenario.

This would've been quite beautiful if it wasn't the school road that was being flooded. Hopefully, the conditions this year would lessen (if not take away entirely). If this happens again (or not) I'll be posting updates on this blog come July of this year.

Anyway, it was on the same day we had our TBA at La Huerta. If it wasn't for the rain, I know I would've enjoyed the place more. It was a pretty little (quiet) restaurant with a garden-like landscape and a big enough function hall. I took quite a lot of photos there, and here I'll be sharing some of the nicer ones (I had only about 40% DSLR management knowledge when I went to this outing, so forgive me if the "nicer" ones don't even embody "nice").

 This little lantern was hung all over the place, which added a really nice feel to the room. Awesome. I wish I could've seen this place n the evening.

 Ahhh, these cute little jars built the interest of this big hut. It's used as the residence of the owner of the restaurant, as well as her huge art gallery-slash/work station.

 Admittedly took a few times to get this picture right, but I'm quite happy with how this turned out, me being a total "noobie" and all. When I get my hands on a Macro Lens, the little critters and other small wonders of nature better watch out.

Before heading home to Naga City, we were invited to the view the extension of the owner's art gallery (a.k.a. her official house). It was AMAZING. So many hand-made crafts everywhere! And the books - WOW. I could TOTALLY dig into those books had we been given a go signal. Hahaha! Warm, cozy, and creative are the perfect words to describe her house.

I don't remember exactly where La Huerta is at, but it took about an hour and a half on the jeepney before we got there. It was worth it. You guys should try the place some time, if you ever go to Camarines Sur in the Philippines.
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