I have finally accomplished one of the many goals I've set for myself this year, which is to keep reading books (no ebooks or pdf's)!
Last night, before getting a good night's rest, I managed to finish the fourth book of the Emily Strange series, Piece of Mind.

At First Glance
One of the main reasons why I bought this book the other month was its cover. It was SHOUTING at me to take a peek from one of the center tables at the book store! It had such an interesting palette, design, and texture! One sniff of the inside pages of the book and I knew I had to buy it! Here's the cover in all it's glory.

A Day In
Okay, so it was definitely interesting. The art and the writing style was very nice (I'm more of a diary-style type girl), but there was a problem. I haven't read the previous three novels in the series, and with every book being connected, it was hard for me to grasp certain parts. I didn't know Emily Strange's history, so it felt like I was immediately pulled into a very different world all at once.

Plot in General
"As the 13th Dark Girl, it is up to Emily to uncover the secret to the mysterious Black Rock that is connected to her ancestors' special talents. If she succeeds, she will come into her own as-yet-undefined power. But if she fails, control of the Black Rock will shift to a distant and more sinister branch of the family: the Shady Uncles. For the good of the whole world—not to mention herself!—Emily had better succeed!"

SO just to rephrase that, the book is mostly about the 13th Dark Girl's (Emily) journey to finding her own "black rock" and realizing what her unique talent really is. She goes on a journey prompted by one of her dead aunts to Seaside town and there finally fulfills her mission.

My Rating:

I rarely give five stars to a book, regardless of who the author is. This time though, I really enjoyed every page. It was like reading the life of a stranger but also a very close friend all at the same time. 

Highly recommended for those who also like diary-style novels and awesome hand drawn images. Oh, and the perfect smell of a new book.
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