I was browsing through my photos a while earlier, and I saw this lone folder at the very bottom of the window. It had no title (except for "Folder (4)"), and I wouldn't usually bother browsing through unnamed folders. So, it was a surprise when I realized these photos were taken during one of the best swimming trips I had with my family! I remember having so much fun I didn't really get to take lots of photos (if you think a hundred plus photos are NOT enough, welcome to the club)!

We arrived at the hotel/country/beach house during the night, so the first thing I was able to see was the bedroom. Sleeping alone while vacationing didn't seem like a fun thing to do, so I slept here with my mom, little brother, two of my lolas (or grandmothers-but not really) and another woman (not very familiar with her though). It's a huge bedroom, with lots of extra floor space, so it wasn't a crowded sleeping area at all! I remember I played a little Sudoku on my tablet before nodding off.

Aaahh. This pretty side table candle holder was the first thing that caught my eye when I entered the room. The pretty chandelier was also pretty, but I didn't get a picture of it. Drats!

The bathroom was HUGE. Now that I think about it, maybe should have covered the toilet bowl before snapping this photo. It seems very... unhygienic don't you think? Hahaha. Oh well. To the left of the picture is the shower, which didn't fit in the photo. I still can't keep my eyes off that open toilet bowl. O___O

I unintentionally got up at sunrise, and the warm morning colors pushed me to take photos from the terrace. The air smelled of the sea, and the sound of the waves thrashing against the shore was really something to remember. It was amazing.

Not wanting to miss anything, I kept snapping photos of the place, and this little lounge on the terrace made the trip.

The pavilion in all it's glory. Well, not ALL, I think. It's a nice, big area for big functions (Like the upcoming retreat mom, dad, and my aunt are planning for June), with a lot of breathing space and places to snuggle into. Perfect for someone like me, who doesn't really like big crowds.

Remember the earlier photos? Well, this is the view from the little road to the pavilion. It's obviously a large house-turned-tourist lodging. I remember the dog that kept barking at each of us as we passed the door every time. Good thing it was on a leash (or not).

I feel really good to have come across those photos at the exact time I was stressing about what I should post next. Must've been fate? I'm surely going back there again, this time, for the retreat and vacation-date with Him. :)

Good mor-night!
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