Excuse the behaviour, but I have SO much to tell you! Where do I start though? Oh my gosh, I have more than a gajillion stuff to talk about and to update you on (kind of reminds me of an incredibly savory buffet that only serves all the good stuff) but if I'm ever going to update, I have to freaking start now.

Okay. *Breathes deeply*

In order:

A friend and I went to Avenue Plaza and hung out the whole morning, right in the middle of our SP showreel production. (#badassery)
We'd been planning something like it for a while, and when the opportunity came, we grabbed it. We were stressed with the reel and wanted to forget everything for just a day (or part of it), so we went to the Avenue Plaza Hotel and just chilled. It was a pretty windy morning, so we sat out in the sun (my friend swam in the pool - I wasn't really up for it - alone), had breakfast, and just talked about a lot of things.

We went back to the APH to shoot footage for our show reel, with another friend.
One of the best moments are ones that you spend with the people you trust and just share ideas, conversations, and food. This was one of those moments. Also, an issue came to surface during this moment. Wow. I'm gonna have to list the things we talked about. We went in during tea hour, which I love. *Ah, the tea.

We got some pretty cute, weird-flavored chocolates.
Uhuh. Weird is a great word to describe it. There were chili-flavored ones and others which were just as interesting.

This cute little guide (for the chocolate flavors) was the first thing I saw upon opening the tin, and it was too pretty. So I misplaced it and now have no idea where it is. -_-

I passed our show reel defense.
How can I NOT be excited to share the great news? If you've been following my last few posts, you'd know I'd been stressed about the defense months before. I experienced tummy aches, hyperacidity in the wrong moments, sleepless nights, and just an overall sense of doom. I didn't think I had the edge to pass, and anyone who was with me the few days before the defense actually happened would tell you how pessimistic I had become. I actually cried a little upon knowing I'd be following three of the top students in our batch (in terms of technical skill).
On the morning of the defense, I was feeling slightly feverish. Two days before, mom and I shopped for my business attire outfit so with that out of "worries" pool, I had more time to focus on the defense. I was scheduled after lunch (around 2:50pm) but I decided to go to school at 9am to support a few friends scheduled earlier.
Finally, after many agonizing hours, it was my turn.
As soon as I entered the room, the air changed. I suddenly felt a little less nervous. All of those people in the room were once (and some still are) my teachers. They know how I work and that I do my best in whatever they ask of me. At least, I hoped they still knew that.
Everything after that became a blur. The 25 minutes allotted for each student passed quickly, and after the 8 panelists were done commenting and giving suggestions for improvement, I was finally able to go out.
The second defense happened the next day, and around 6pm, we met with our advisers to hear the judgement. My palms started to get a little moist as our teacher ran through the names on his list and gave his comments. When I heard that I passed, I didn't know what to do. Should I smile? Should I remain stone-faced? What? I eventually just tried to do both. Sadly, half of the batch failed the first defense and will now have to go through a second one (scheduled tomorrow). I really hope we graduate as a whole, still.

We're gradually packing for a move to another apartment.
Personally, I'd rather we stayed in our current apartment until I graduate. Not that I don't like the new one, but our current home is very accessible to everything. It's near school, the market, the night life, and it's safe even at midnight. The only downside is the price of rent and the poor maintenance. We're paying way too much (although I really wouldn't mind as long as we're near the important places) but the house is in poor condition. When it rains, water actually drops from the ceiling. You'd think that for our rent, the landlord would make sure we didn't have those problems.
The new place is homey and really clean. There's great air circulation and peace in the area, but it sort of seems lonely. I just went there today with mom to help fix things and I was already feeling cut-off from the "main world". At least we're just a few walks from the mall. Hahahaha. (That's probably not much of a good thing.)

I got insanely addicted to 'Rather Be' by Clean Bandit, 'Body Party' by Ciara, and 'Sugar' by Maroon 5. I still am.
My gosh. Call me crazy, but I've been repeating these three songs on my shuffle since three days ago. I actually bookmarked a youtube page with a 1 hour loop for each song. *Woopsies* I'm a sucker for feel-good songs with great melodies and note combination, and I felt like these three songs were perfect representations for it. Really.

Of course other stuff happened between these moments, but yeah. That's about all I can remember as of 12:40am on a Saturday. I have a cold with a runny nose, so that's pretty helpful (not). As soon as I'm allowed (and comfortable) to post my finished show reel, I'll let you get a view. :) Don't expect too much yet though. It's a fetus reel.

We'll be submitting the revised reels next week, so I'm hoping I'll get everything done by then. I HAVE to. :D Bye! The next post will be soon, I promise!