Is it really June already??? It feels like it just turned May last week. Why does time fly so fast when I'm relaxing and having heaps of fun?

Of course, for most schools in the Philippines, June is the start of classes, and I'd just like to wish all of them luck on their first day, especially to the freshmen in college and high school. You'll get here, eventually.

Anyway, I'm in Manila right now. My dad and I rode a bus to Manila on the evening of the 30th and we arrived around 6 AM the next day (yesterday). Although I was exhausted and wanted to sleep, I wanted to meet with college friends who were in Manila as well, for time's sake.
We met up at Trinoma (I was soooo late because of a situation I couldn't control) and unfortunately didn't have time to walk around all the shops and ish. Hahahaha. It was too big for me to handle. I will be going back there today no matter what. Ugh.

Tomorrow will be the day I am most nervous for. Tomorrow, I will have to undergo a skills examination at Anino Playlab in Makati for the 2D Illustrator job I applied to. I think I will be accompanied by my aunt there and we're taking the LRT/MRT and a taxi. Good thing Miss Bianca emailed me detailed directions to the area (I also looked it up on Google maps to be sure). I am very nervous. Too much stress to handle. I'm not sure I can keep up with their expectations, especially in using Adobe Illustrator and/or Flash. I remember talking about creating games in college and illustrating, but that was around 2-3 years ago. I haven't touched the two softwares in years. How am I supposed to use them on the exam (if I am told to do so)?

Although stress is eating me alive, I'm relying on God to get me through. It' always moments like these where I am incredibly grateful He is there for me. I just need more faith, that's all.

The start of June is already pretty hectic. Will the rest of it go the same way?