We all have our firsts. Our first step, our first meal, our first failure, our first crush.

I've always wanted to do it. I know I'd have a great time doing it, as tiresome as it might be (if ever). I'm proud to say that I can finally take this off my bucket list.

Last night, I made a Cheesecake for the first time.

It's not much since it's a 'no-bake' type of recipe (this was all I could make for my mom's post-birthday day), but I've never done any baking, or culinary-related things before. It was also my first time shopping for ingredients using my own money - and it was not as awesome as I imagined it would be. What a joke.


So it looks messed up, I know. I kind of had trouble placing it on the plate and once it had even a little piece of crumb on top, I thought, meh, whatever, and just went along with it. (My first time, okay? Cut me some slack.) As bad as it looks, it tastes awesome

I'm not taking credit for how it tastes like, since I got the recipe for it on Martha Stewart's website here. I know it looks nothing like Martha's cake, but hell, I spent money and allotted energy for this. I am proud of how this turned out. (Nothing like assuring yourself you did good, right? Haha.)

The ingredients totalled almost Php 1000, and that's not considering the sugar and the Vanilla. How pricey can these get, am I right? *Sigh I have learned. I now move on.

I later found out I could've saved money if I had bought ingredients from some place other than the mall, but that's where I feel most comfortable getting groceries. My bad. I'll let mom take over getting the stuff next time.

It's a relatively simple process, and if I had thought about everything before buying, I would've saved us 45 minutes of time. It took that long to grind (read: 'powderize') the Grahams. I am not doing that again.

Next came the sugar and the mixing-together process. I suck at these how-to's don't I? Haha. Sorry.

We (a cousin and I) then put these on the moulding pans and placed them in the freezer to harden. We did the filling next, and just mixed the remaining ingredients together. We were not calm at all during the process. We sounded drunk. Hahaha.

And we were done. We left it overnight in the fridge and this was the result (photo taken after we had already devoured half. Very planned, as you can tell).

It tasted heavenly. I really didn't mind how it looked, especially after my mom sent me a message on Facebook (complete with photos) of her enjoying the cake we made for her. I told her I thought it would get harder, but she said it really wouldn't get hard given the ingredients, which was just right for a Cheesecake.

In the end, my first time was not really a failure, but more of a work in progress. Yeah, I like how that sounds.

Thanks for sharing the recipe, Martha!
(Feeling close?)