My need for glasses started when I was in second grade. 

I had just arrived in Sydney, Australia and was settling in to the new culture and surroundings at my new school. Shy, I didn't tell anyone that I had a hard time seeing things far from me at first, and I'd simply request to be seated at the front or be allowed to sit on the carpeted floors in front of the board. Then, health month came and we were subjected to a few tests - including an eye check. Turned out I was near-sighted. Figures. That week didn't end without me getting glasses.

It was initially incredibly irritating. To make things worse, I got the ones with a string (don't know what it's called) attached to it so I could hang it around my neck like it was some sort of accessory. I kind of hated my first pair. They were close to round-shaped and had a weird zebra design on the rims. It would take me at least 6 months to finally embrace my new friends.

Believe me though, glasses aren't all that bad (especially if you really need them).

  1. Everything you see are in High Definition (within the shape of your lenses, of course).
  2. Glasses may make you look more 'scholarly'.
  3. It's a trend these days (shout-out to my Hippies).
  4. It may complement your facial shape and features.
  5. It'll help correct eye problems (like mine). 
  6. There are now heaps of styles to choose from, so think of it as a fashion statement.
  7. They can protect your eyes on windy days (personal experience, everyone!).
Naturally, they have their disadvantages as well.

  1. Taking them off when going swimming sucks.
  2. Depending on the type (plastic or metal), irritation can happen where it makes contact with sweat.
  3. You've got to take extra care of them when playing sports, sometimes making you more focused on keeping it on your face than on the game.
  4. If you have lashes that are quite lengthy, be prepared to have scratches on your lenses. (I've had to buy new ones just because my lashes have permanently marked them.)
  5. Wearing headphones while wearing them can be quite uncomfortable. I usually just put on my headphones first them my glasses second, so it doesn't get squashed or pinned to the sides of my lobes.
From someone who has been wearing glasses for 16 years, I definitely wish my genes worked with me and gave me perfect 20/20 vision. It's not that bad now though, since I can wear contacts when I don't feel like putting on my glasses or when I have to attend parties and special gatherings. Contact lenses have their own evils too, so it's really weighing my options and tasks for the day. If I have to do work on my laptop for most of the day, I stick to my specs, if not, I wear my contacts. 

Do you wear glasses / thinking of getting a pair? 
What are your experiences wearing them?