Okay, as much as I love pampering myself with beauty products (mostly make-up & hair related), I've never really spent much on things that take care of my skin after I take the makeup off. Sure, I buy moisturizers and cleansers, but not really a lot of masks and make-up removers. So today, (or rather, the other day) I'll be showing you some purchases of mine from The Face Shop and what/how I plan to work with them.

Let me just talk about their logo - like, giiirrll, it already looks so organic and chic! Haha. I've long liked their shop both the Body and the Face, but everytime I see their logo, I just become so happy. Haha. Okay, on to the post!

Herb Day Lip & Eye Make-up Remover

All my beauty products are waterproof, since I want my face to keep looking put-together even after I've gone through hell the whole day. Sadly, I've been resisting buying more waterproof items simply because it's always a stressful ordeal to take them off, as I relied on the basic removal technique (i.e. soft tissues + virgin oil + gentle eye-rubbing).

When I visited The Face Shop that day I just knew I couldn't leave without getting some of these babies. I figured if I was going to try something like this, I'd start with them.

Real Nature Masks (Avocado, Cucumber, Aloe, & Rice)

I've tried other masks before, but they weren't really doing the trick for me. I've tried pomegranate ones, charcoal masks, and others, but they always leave my skin feeling dry or heated. (Don't ask which brands because it will cause a stir, honey.)

The Face Shop had an offer of "buy three, get one free" so being the sucker that I am for these kind of things, I went ahead with the offer. I wanted to buy one of each, but they didn't have enough variation to get two offers. Bummer. But yes, I am very excited to try them out during this week. I was promised soft, cleansed skin, and I want to see if they'll deliver.

I've been in the "healthy, over-all self" mode since January 1, buying health bars, juices, and other random healthy things that are quite pricey but worth it. I've been cutting back on my meals and rice as well. I no longer eat rice for lunch if I can help it - unless the boss asks us to all eat somewhere - and even then I try to stay close to low carb, high-protein dishes. I've been drinking more water everyday and my daily walks to and from work have been incredibly fun and less taxing than I had imagined it would be.

I've said this in my first post of the year, and I'll say it again: This is my year. This is the year I improve myself in every aspect. This is it.