Hey all!

Oh my gosh what an incredibly busy week this has been! So many new things experienced, and so many wonderful memories to take with me to the grave (that was a twist in my mood, haha). Obviously, my goal to post something everyday or at least every three days is no longer possible. (Dang, my 2016 goals are slowly crumbling, haha.) I could schedule my posts to keep this blog alive, but I feel like it's no longer what's actually happening at that exact moment the post is published. I feel like it takes away the realness of the post? I'm not sure - maybe I'm being too hard on myself.

It's almost February! That means people scrambling to find Valentine's Day gifts for their friends or other half during the first two weeks. Well, I'm not one of them. 

This Valentine's Day, I'm still focused on improving myself and my craft, which is why I want to produce something hand-crafted that's centered around a V-Day theme. Ugh. The busy life is all too real. Monday until mid-February will no doubt be the most hectic time I'll be spending in Nueca. I'm not complaining though, 'cause I'm doing what I love (and besides, I know how to relax myself when I feel like bursting already).

In regards to my career/skill path, I don't know where I'm heading to. Will I be doing more traditional work? More digital ones? More crafty ones involving glues and ribbons and such? Will I be going more into writing this year, or more into Web development? How about UI/UX? I DON'T KNOW.

We're still at the first half of this year, and I know there's heaps more in store for me (crossing my fingers to a vacation abroad!). Still excited, but incredibly tempted to "restart" my year come February 8th. Haha, but no, I'm not. I won't. 

Let's hope I find the energy to stay committed to post at least every one or two days.