7-8/366: New Look, New Challenge, New Stuff

I went through a phase last night, and the outcome turned out to be a blog redesign and a visit to my old Goodreads account (which I ungraciously abandoned in September 2013).

You may have noticed the different look already, but believe me, I still might change this around the last week of January. I can't seem to stay contented with the way my blog looks because I always find something missing or unattractive as the months go by. Even when I code my own design, there's still something wrong with it, but I can't figure out what. (Fact: Would you believe I changed my blog theme multiple times curing 2015 and more so during 2014? If I had screens of those designs, you'd scold me for being too loose with my design choices. I'll try my hardest to love this new theme, but you can never tell what my mood and nights of reflection will do to me. Let's hope for the best.

As for Goodreads, I've decided to "re-orient" myself with their yearly Reading Challenge. I would've set my goal higher (maybe 60 books or so) if it weren't for my unstable work load. I think 30 books is very doable. I've picked out 6 books to start with for now, including C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters and Mere Christianity. I've begun reading another book on my list titled The Healer's Pact by Nigel Henry, and it seems pretty solid so far.

If you'd like to join the challenge, head over to Goodreads and join in!

On another note, I've made some pretty impulsive purchases this week. I'm really embarrassed over my loose spending control (or lack of), but I promise you, I'm trying to stay away from online stores and going out. "Trying" is a generous word here.

The Sailor Moon Pocket Watch

Arguably not even a "pocket" watch, this was a great find. Since my watch-necklace from Oman stopped functioning, I've been wanting a replacement for a while, but haven't gotten around to finding one I liked. As you may all know, there's nothing you can't find online.

When I picked it up from the post office (along with the other necklace below) after the new year, I had no idea how cute it would look. Sure, it's not something I'd wear everyday, but for special occasions and walks out, it's a solid accessory to complement any style (aside from punk, I presume). It doesn't weigh too heavily, but you may feel some weight from time to time.

It's also very cheap. Very. At just $3.95, and with free shipping, this was a steal. Sure, it could take as long as 35 days to get to you, but it's free shipping. I could care less about the ETA of the product as long as I get it. A very nice purchase indeed.

Hermione's Time-Turner Necklace

Another special buy. Perhaps the only reason I ever watched Harry Potter movies was the fact that Hermione (a.k.a. Emma Watson) was in it. Who doesn't love her, right?

It feels big on my neck, but paired with a plain tee or a simple top, it looks fitting.

Starbucks Tumblr

Can I just say how hard it is to choose just one Tumblr from a variety of incredibly cute designs?! (THAT was a mouthful.) I literally stood in front of the display trying to figure out which tumblr I wanted and kind of annoyed my brother in the process. I kept asking him that, if he were me, which would he choose? I settled for one of the porcelain ones, though I'm planning to get two more (they're in PINK, damn). Ugh, the struggles! Yep, definitely buying two more.

I also stopped by KFC at the mall and got myself a Limited Edition KFC mason jar for no apparent reason. It only cost and additional Php 50, so I thought, 'why not?'. If only my "why nots" were as rare as blue moons.

I'm planning some big things this year, and God-willing, I'll have the funds and discipline to achieve them. I'm still learning to control myself and getting out of the college-spending system is taking longer than I expected.

Also, I'm struggling on choosing between having two days per post or one post per day. I'm not sure which would work best for me yet, so please bear with my inaccuracy, haha.

'Til tomorrow!

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