38/366: My New kikki.K Planner!

Okay. OKAY. Okay. Okay? Okay.

I am fan-girling over the cutest planner ever (well, ones that I've owned so far), and I am itching to start planning on this baby.

Image © kikki-k.com

So for those of you who don't know what I'm blabbing on about, kikki.K was founded by Kristina Karlsson, a fellow stationery lover who realized that cute, functional planners weren't available in Sweden (where the brand and founder originate from). Needing to fill that gap, she set on (thank God) a quest to create planners that inspire, motivate, and give happiness to people who wanted to take control of their life and bring their dreams to reality. Thus, kikki.K was born.

Now, I've already got three planners to begin with - one for drawing on (sorry, Starbucks), one for random work notes (undated, bought at the mall), and one for work/art-related events and to-dos (June Digan's A Year of Positivity). Admittedly, I had second thoughts about this planner, since not only did I already own three, but it is also quite costly. Every planner addict knows that once you get started getting into creative organizing, it's hard to stop, from purchasing accessories, to stickers, to stamps, and everything else you can get to make your planner you.

My planner arrived on Saturday morning (yesterday!) and I am in-love with it!

I debated over settling for something cheaper, but my heart just couldn't handle not getting a Kikki. I joined a Facebook group for Planner and Stationery addicts (haha) and there I found Ma'am Aya from Aya Stationery Exchange (she also has an IG here). I saw her post about the medium-sized Time Planner: Cute Collection and chatted her about possibly getting one (she's currently residing in Sydney, by the way, so that's a plus).

Even with my delayed payment (got extremely busy as you may have noticed due to lack of posts, haha), I got the planner in a timely fashion, and I am super thankful to Ma'am Aya for putting up with me and all. It was definitely love at first sight with this planner. I can't stop touching it and looking through the inserts (My mom saw it last night and was like, "This is so cute I wouldn't have the guts to write anything on it." Mom being adorable is adorable.).

Oh, yes indeed!

During the first of January, I blogged about how this year was going to be all about self-improvement and working on my career, and this little tab I saw upon opening the planner was a bold reminder of what I want to achieve for 2016. Is it also a coincidence that this year is also the Year of the Monkey? Seems like everything is falling into place.

Cute, clean inserts! Can't wait to start making my own!

Saying that I handle my Kikki with care doesn't even cut it. I know the material and the way it was made is sturdy, but isn't this how normal people react to something precious to them? I feel like I know what I'm doing with my life whenever I hold this.

I still haven't started personalizing her (yes, I'm giving my planner a gender and naming her Kay), but boy, do I have grand plans for how I want her to look like. I'll be needing a week to make Kay officially mine. *Insert heart emoji here.*

I also kind of went grocery/department store shopping yesterday afternoon and couldn't help but buy this cutesy mug set to complement Kay. Watermelon and cats are an okay combo, right?

Although cute, I dislike the quote on this box. Dammit, China, get your ish together.

I am truly satisfied with how my new planner looks and feels. My only worry is that I place it on a surface that I think is clean and realize after Kay's already dirty that it's not. I have read reviews where it's easy to clean stains with a warm cloth and some mild soap, but I have yet to try this out (hopefully not in a million years).

Any fellow planner addicts out here? What planner did you get for 2016? I'd love to hear your planner stories!


  1. This looks super pretty!!! :) Makes me wish that I have one! But I'm too bad at decorating and updating planners. I guess I'll just admire yours for now hehe


    1. Thanks! It does! :) We're never too late to get into creative planning! :) Let's go!

  2. Argh! IT'S SO NICE TO SEE A FELLOW PLANNER BLOGGER! and you know what, we also have the same planner! i got a kikkik cute also last year which I won from a giveaway. i am still using it this year, i replaced the inserts with customized ones. yeah! cats and watermelon looks nice! are you still using this now? hehehe. I blog about planners too on Planner Crafter Tales. hope to get to know you more fellow planner girl! :)