Around the last week of January, I found a group on Facebook called PlannerAddicts Philippines Buy&Sell ;) PAPH (click here to visit their page) during one of my page-hopping sessions on the site.

As some of you know, I am a huge, HUGE fan of anything adorable, so finding this group and seeing their posts about craft items was heaven-sent. This came at a great time, because weeks prior, I had been looking through planner stores online and was crunching numbers in my head if I could afford them plus their expensive shipping rates.

Finally, after around a month (I think), I have four planners which I use everyday, for different purposes.

From left to right:

Medium Cute Time Planner from kikki.K (used for my personal plans), Starbucks 2016 Planner which I painted and customized (used for, well, everything else + art), A Year of Positivity Planner by June Digann (used for art planning and as a mini diary), and finally my generic, undated planner from SM Department Store (used for work schedules and notes).

I love all four of them as they serve their purpose very well, but my current favorite (mostly because I've wanted this since last year pa) is my Kikki.

Now, back to PlannerAddicts.

Since being a member, I've seen sooo many pretty things I'd love to have in my collection, and within a week, I had given in to my addiction to cute things. They sell items at incredibly low prices and I'm super thankful that the members are patient enough with me and my questions (with my busy schedule and all at work).

Within this month alone, I've amassed SO MANY CUTE THINGS I am soo going over my head with this planning thing. Here's a peak at an eighth of my current stash:

 Some of them I got from PlannerAddicts and some I got from my own trip to stores in Central Naga. Yes, I fool you not - this is an eighth of my collection. When you see the stash of the other members of the group, you will realize that my 1/8th is merely a fraction of theirs. I KID YOU NOT. I'm waiting for one more package to arrive, and I have two more packages from the same group reserved. My mom could only shake her head ad laugh at my resurfaced addiction.


Also, I tried to give weekly spread decorating a try today, and here's something simple that I came up with, given my limited resources (and pretty straight-forward schedule):

You may notice I *still* suck at following schedules, even ones I do myself. Hahaha. By the way, that dreamcatcher was a surprise, impromptu purchase. I already was at the counter when something pink caught my eye nearby. I looked closer and saw what it was. My blog just went full circle. (If you didn't know, my blog was once called "Dreamcatcher".)

So, what's up with planners? Why are there so many people who invest on pretty things to organize their life? Why is there a group dedicated to it?

Personally, I just think I deserve to get my life together and enjoy looking at it from time to time through planners. I want my life to look pretty on paper (literally), haha. I don't know about the others, but the items you get to splurge on is worth the addiction.

Have you ever tried creative planning? How did it go? Do you still do it now?