For the past two weeks, I've been trying to live healthier and control my food cravings. My stomach has already gotten used to "lunch-less" noons (and a snack of siomai or a sandwich for meryenda to curb my hunger until dinner time). Sometimes, I have a salad for lunch, and that usually gets me going until the next meal. 

The setback here is during dinner time. Though I exert as much control as possible, my mom or cousin's home-cooked meals are just the BEST ever, and sometimes, I have the control of a chocolate addict sitting in front of a pile of choco bars - none. Thankfully, there's a product I've been hearing about that is said to promote weight loss safely, with no sudden effects that usually result to regaining all the pounds quicker than before. 

mySlim with Yerba Mate

I'm sure you've heard of this brand before, and just like you, I got curious. Of course I want to lose weight and get into shape. I know they say health is not always directly proportional to size, but hey, there's nothing wrong with choosing how you want to look and act on it. 

So what is mySlim? mySlim is the first slimming and detox drink that is clinically proven to promote safe weight loss due to its Yerba Mate formulation. This was discovered in Brazil and then used for tea. Over the years since its discovery, research and clinical studies have been able to prove that it is indeed an effective weight loss component.

You may be thinking: aren't there enough pills that promise the same things on the market? There are also drinks that promote a fast, hassle-free way of shedding pounds. What makes mySlim any different?

Quick facts

  • Aside from Yerba Mate, mySlim is packed with Palatinose, which promotes sustained energy for longer periods of time;
  • Yerba Mate reduces fat without shedding lean muscle mass. It only burns unnecessary fat, making you fit and healthy;
  • It also contains Carnipure which reduces the sensation of hunger and helps you reduce food intake in the process;
  • mySlim was developed by Vida Nutriscience Incorporated, which is one of the leading health & wellness products provider in the market and the country’s go-to for safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products. 
I'm a firm believer of living a healthy life and not purely relying on just weight loss products to get the figure I want (exactly what mySlim also stands for - balance between the two), but as I already have the lifestyle kind of planted on the ground, I feel like the next step is a push further. I'm quite certain that as long as I commit to something hassle-free like mySlim, it'll work out pretty well. I bet incorporating it into my everyday routine won't be too hard either, as the intake schedule seems pretty simple.

The mySlim Slimming Capsules go for P 540.00 (30 capsules), the mySlim Yerba Mate drink for P 89.00, and the mySlim Sachet for P 69.00. You won't need to spend so much to start living healthier, so why not try it? I'm sure I will, soon. 

To know more about mySlim, visit, or like and follow their social media pages at /myslimPH on Facebook, and @myslimdetox on Twitter, and @myslimdetox on Instagram.