Happy Easter!
(Yeah, sorry for such an interesting title.)

I just got back home after a weekend at my grandpa's house, and I am SOOO not ready to go to work tomorrow. I just can't, right now. To console myself, I'm currently watching Pewdiepie's livestream on Twitch and surfing Reddit + Tumblr. The Holy Week holiday was incredibly stressful and frantic, and I want more (of the holiday, that is). Oh well. Life.

Since it was the last day of freedom, I woke up this morning with a purpose: to take photos of my art and mom's garden while the lighting was perfect. (Note: This post will be photo-heavy.)

Got around to practicing my strokes with water brushes. I'm still not able to draw roses (ugh), but I guess they're sort of looking like flowers more, now? Hahaha. Alessia Cara for the win! I love her and her music so much. They're relatable and has clean lyrics. Also, the BEAT. Funky as hell.

This (above) is by far one of the best shots I've ever taken. I love how well the color of the flower went with the sky and everything. It was meant to be, for sure.

Quite ironic since it's Easter and the flower should be blooming. It looked like a gown though, so I took a photo. 

Photo above is currently my wallpaper! Haha. It looks good on my mac with a dark themed doc and bar. I might release this as a wallpaper soon. I'll need to know how many people want it. 

Nestled in between the greens, this flower has been well taken-care of. :) Just the thought puts a smile to myself.

Took these photos a few hours before lunch time using my Nikon D5100 and my aunt's memory card (forgot mine - only to find out as we were going home that I had it in my bag's secret pocket all this time).