Okay, so I've waited a long while to write a post about this, but now that there's only 3 months left of waiting (based on its expected date of arrival), I can't resist. I need to talk about the Batband and get everyone on board.

The BATBAND was a project on Kickstarter and was funded in full within just five (5) days (talk about amazing). While I don't remember the exact date I backed the project, I took a screenshot of it as inspiration and source of excitement until I got it.

On Kickstarter, the basic package was priced at $140, including shipping. However, it didn't ship to the Philippines, so I instead wrote down my cousin's address living in London so that when she came here for vacation, she could bring it in, tax-free. For a "music device", this is quite on the pricey side, right? So what does it have that makes it, well, special?

Here's a short video to get you better acquainted.

Admittedly, I had doubts as to whether the price would be worth the wait and the product's quality, but considering this would be an incredible feat if they pulled it off, I was kind of sold. Besides, funding this would make me one of the few people in the country to own something revolutionary (granting other Pinoys have pledged as well). 

Beyond the issue of pride however lies the fact that this device would solve (and create good) problems. One problem would be its attraction to snatchers. This literally just wraps around your head without a string or chord to put it in place. A workmate suggested I create a custom chord for it so it can rest on my neck and stay there. No biggie. 

Fortunately, it solves more problems (ie. makes life more tolerable) than it creates. For one thing, I could get rid of the chords, the audio jack, the 'you don't hear anything when you have your headphones on says mom' issue, and it lets you answer your calls hands-free. Sure, sure, there are devices that do almost all of the same things, but the BATBAND does not rest on your ear. Less ear infections and hearing problems if you ask me. 

The Kickstarter already ended months ago, but pre-order is still ongoing at their site. It costs much more though ($199 excluding the shipping), but the upside is that it ships to the Philippines. 

So I ordered another one. This time, it cost me between $230 to $248 USD with the shipping. At least it ships directly to the Philippines, so that's a plus.

As soon as I get the product and conduct 'extensive' testing, I'll write a post about the experience. Hopefully, I get it before July (the supposed ETA). Super excited!

Pre-order the Batband and let's experience this device together!