Hi guys! How's 2017 treating you so far? Awesome. Wherever you are now, expect better, greater things. We haven't made it past the first month yet, so there's still time to start planning your year (or if you're like me, planning them and just letting go in the middle of the year to catch the waves).

As for me, I'm already feeling 2017 will be incredibly busy (um, haven't posted in days), but I can't just give up. I've been putting off writing articles for the blog since I'm more focused on my job, but I'm trying. Really. This will be a short post as I've got a gazillion stuff to do tomorrow and commitments to fulfill, but don't think I have no plans for the blog! It's just taking up more time than expected, so hang in there!


If you've read my post about this animé (Read: Anime of The Week: Himouto! Umaru-Chan), then you'd know how crazy I am for Umaru and Ebina (cuteness overload not even 10 minutes into the first episode). I'd become so invested that while I was browsing Lazada and happened upon some Nendoroids (a brand of plastic figurines by the Japanese Good Smile Company), one model caught my eye in a heartbeat:

Bought it from here.

This Nendoroid is just so adorable! It's brightened up my workspace at home and when I bring it to the office, it makes my area a little bit more personal. It comes with a stand, an assortment of expressions, props, different limbs, and just plain good fun. This is my first Nendoroid purchase and I already have two to three more PVC's in line (hint: one is a bald dude with a yellow costume and red gloves with the incredible ability to punch people to another planet).

Also made a DIY washi holder using twine and some clips. :) 

Lazada has already sent me a text regarding another figurine I ordered at the same time as this one, and soon, Umaru will be accompanied by Hatsune Miku (just google her and everything will just pop up, haha). SO. GOOD. I've taken more photos of her for my Facebook Stories log.

Not my best spread, but it'll have to do, haha.

Daily Journaling

Work is tiring, and when I get home in the evening, I'd like to take a short break from the digital, online world and go back to basics. In this case, I turn my attention to filling in my planner and daily journal.

I got the ABC Daily Journal thanks to our company's exchange gift portion of the Christmas party last December, and luckily, my secret santa had business in Manila, giving her an opportunity to grab one of these for me (no stock in Naga anywhere). I could NOT wait for January 1 when I got it!

I didn't really know where to start, but in my mind, it was as simple as logging in my day and sticking in receipts if I had purchased anything that day. I eventually realized that sticking receipts everyday would be an added hassle so I just went for doodling and lettering instead. As a first timer to daily journaling, I can say it's pretty much the perfect stress reliever for me in terms of working with my hands. I normally just tuned in to Spotify or iTunes, but journaling has added to my list of solutions in combating stress.

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How about you? What do you do to relieve yourself of stress? Do you journal or listen to music, or have you found a better way for you?