A few little happy things happened today, and I'm really thankful I got to spend a weekend the way I figured it would play out. So, what did I do today?


Like I mentioned in the audio post on my previous blog, I'm really into self-development. I try to gain knowledge any way I can - audiobooks, ebooks, online courses, online videos - you name it. 
This morning until a little after lunch, I sat in front of the TV, had my Apple TV turned on, and watched quite a few TED talks related to technology (AI), happiness, and time management. While doing that, Skillshare was also open on my iPad as I downloaded an art class for offline viewing. Point is, I was really on a roll with learning as much as I could today.

One video I watched was about time management, and how no one is ever truly busy to do something. While I won't give the details (I'd love for you to watch it below), the general idea is that what we don't have time for are usually those that we don't see as priorities. An example the speaker, Laura Vanderkam gave was a woman who, after a work day, discovered their water pipe had blown and had filled the basement. She had people come fix it in the next days, and it took quite a bit of her time - 7 hours throughout the week, in fact.

Her point was that, if you had asked that woman at the beginning of the week if she had extra hours to, say, do yoga, she would have replied with a "no", like most of us would do. However, she was forced to make time to make sure her water pipe was fixed, making that event her priority. What we prioritize take our time. It's not that we don't have time to do this or that - it's just that we don't want to do it and don't really care for it that much.


Today was also the baptism of our boss's daughter, Casey. Such a cute, chubby, little angel. Haha. It was the first time I ate at Que Pasa since I rarely visit Naga's Centro, and to be a little honest, I was underwhelmed with the food. My mom could've done 100 times better. Anyway, I really wasn't there for the food, but to appreciate Casey's baptism. I did the invites and plant toppers for her little event, and seeing it in print was really cool. Got myself a plant as well, haha. The presence of my workmates made the whole thing even better.


After we left Que Pasa, four of us felt it was too early to call it a day, so we initially planned to hang out at Starbucks. One of us suggested Kapenaga, a small cafĂ© that was a walk away and one I haven't tried yet. It looked really cute from afar, so I was excited to check the place out.

They hadn't been open for long, so we didn't expect too much. Few desserts were available, wine, sodas, and beer. It was cuter when we got inside too, and I fell in-love with the wall they had, along with the tables and hanging lights. If only I could get that same setup for my room. :(

Since we had just come from dinner, we could only think of downing beer, in which we experienced a bit of a mix-up. I didn't want the flavored San-Mig as it tasted like juice more than booze (no Heineken so I had to settle), so I told my workmate to get me the original one. The total order was one plain beer and three flavored ones. When we got them, one of us said he wanted the plain one as well. In the end, I had to drink the juice. Haha. It was a cool night either way.

So now, I'm in my room, battling it out with the internet. It hasn't been stable and ever since the huge storm we experienced during the new year, I haven't had a decent connection. This pisses me off because one, I can no longer commit to online side-hustles the way I could before and two, the Apple TV, Netflix, TED, and Youtube have mostly become less frequented (which dismays me).

I really wish the internet would get stronger soon. I'm missing out on so much. To end on a good note though, I'm meeting my friend "the bae" tomorrow morning before she conducts her workshop, which we usually do. Haven't seen her in a while so I'm glad we'll get to meet up with other mutual friends. :