Hi loves! How was (or is - timezone things) your Monday? Mine? Um, totally busy! Gawd, if I had a dollar for all the days when I'm not busy, I'd be poor AF. Moving on!

I regularly check the internet for weird sites, products, stories, and all that jazz, and since I'd really love to share how weird the net has truly become, here are 5 things I discovered in the last 7 days of my hunt. (This will be an ongoing series - maybe twice a month - where items will be coming from different sources.)

(Also, I can't promise that all of these will be cheap and/or available for purchase in the Philippines. It sucks, I know.)

Hope you enjoy this list!

1. Xummit Whiskey Stones

If you drink wine, whisky, or other drinks that are best not diluted with melted ice (I know I do), you're going to LOVE this product. Imagine not having to worry about water changing the taste of your drink! Awesome.

The product page says it's stainless steel and contains natural antibacterial properties (won't be rusting any time soon!). It comes in a cool box for when you want to give this as a gift instead. At a 4.4/5 star rating, it's being sold for $19.95 on Amazon - not a bad price at all for the peace of mind this will give you.

2. LED Word Clock

Time is gold, and a great clock will definitely make you keep looking at it. This solves two problems: being late to work/school, and the aura of your office/room. If you have to know anything about me, it would be my love for weird/quirky/cute/one-of-a-kind items. I really don't care about the price; as long as it's any of those options, and it appeals to me visually, I'm buying it.

Doesn't it look cool?! I'd love to have this on my desk. It costs $74.95 on Amazon, and admittedly, the price put me off a little. I mean, $75 just for a clock? The more I looked at it though, my mind gradually gave in. So yeah.

3. I'll Tell You In Person (Emily Books) - Chloe Caldwell

I love settling down with a good book, some wine, and jazz/lounge music, along with my imaginary husky curled up beside me (I really want to get a dog soon). I usually find a book appealing for its looks first, then the contents, and it's rare to find one that ticks off both prerequisites. I have a feeling this is one of those books.

The reviews for this is very positive, and got me interested ten times more than before. People have said this book was entertaining, soulful, deep, impactful - all the good stuff.

Sold on Amazon for just $11.52 for the Paperback Edition and $24.99 for the Audio CD/Audiobook/MP3 version, there's really nothing to lose if you decide to purchase a copy. For an author who has been described as prolific, fearless, and dark, I'm expecting to be blown away. I'm really considering getting a digital copy soon, so a review might be coming up. *wink, wink*

4. Mini USB Desktop Fridge

Having a mini fridge (you know, the one they put inside small hotels for drinks and stuff) is something I've always wanted for my room at home and for my area at the office. I love yoghurt, shakes, and since it's summer, popsicles. The problem is, it could get too big and would require more electricity. This recent discovery could give me what I want though.

Introducing, the mini USB desktop fridge. This excites me. A lot. Especially for fitting in two yoghurt solos. I don't do sodas, so maybe an Aloe drink from K-Mart (which I will be reviewing soon) would be best. Or maybe some chocolate kisses. Whatever. This only costs $13.87 so I think it's a pretty sweet deal. Get yours here.

5. The Beauty of Horror - A GOREgeous Coloring Book 

OKAY. Let's keep calm and try to breathe slowly. Holy fudge! I've always wanted something like this, as most of the coloring books I see are of cute forest animals, patterns, and you know, normal stuff. Imagine my heart when I discovered this one by Alan Robert on Amazon.

As a fan of crime, horror, gore, thriller, and suspense genres, finding really cool stuff that I can relate to (without being too vulgar or weird for others) is a little hard to find. Costing only $11.46 for the Paperback version, with a huge amount of "gory" elements to fill in and find pleasure from, this is way worth it for the price. Also, it ships to the Philippines! Plus points for that! Buy your copy here.

So, if you're looking to add to your collection of weird/interesting items, you'll hopefully have some to think about after reading this post. If you've got suggestions on what items I could feature next, please leave a comment and I'll check them out ASAP!