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Listed: 5 Youtubers I Can’t Get Enough Of

Youtube is a great place to watch videos on everything. Gaming, cooking, self-improvement, math, whatever - it's a rich place to explore and spend hours in. Well, while watching a Pewdiepie video earlier today, I suddenly remembered a post I wrote last November 2013 called "Listed: My Top 5 YouTube Gamers". That got me thinking about logging in my current favorites - not necessarily Let's Players anymore - and why I still watch them.

He was 1 on my previous list, and he still is. He has transformed a lot. From the first time I watched him, Felix has done a lot of things, said a lot of things that affected his channel - both good and bad. I won't go into details, but what happened last 2017 transformed his content for the better. While I miss his old videos, I love how varied his content is right now, and he's become even more genuine and open. 

He's also given his subscribers more time to shine by creating a subreddit for submissions to contests he announces on his channel. His audience is very diverse, contrary to what most people think that his views are mostly from 12-year-old babies.

His sarcasm is gold, his ideas and views on certain issues are actually sensible, and he seems like an awesome person overall.

SUCH. A. QUEEN. I don't remember when I first saw his video, but when I did, I knew I wanted to subscribe. At the time, Shane was one of the most raw, honest, genuine people I've come across online, and his humor was and is infectious. His content seemed varied at first, but through the years, he's come to be more colorful and surprising in terms of presenting videos and his ideas. 

His channel covers a lot of varied content, from food reviews to conspiracies, to vlogs, to music videos - every video that comes out has such charm and character that once you get used to his humor, you'll want to NEVER miss one. I look forward to his uploads everyday and depending on how early I wake up, I watch his and PewDiePie's new upload during breakfast or during lunch break at work.

Shane has become a part of my day and it always makes me feel happy to see him doing what he loves and that helps me destress throughout the day. I feel a real connection to him as a person and I love that he's just so genuine.

I'll be honest - the only reason I found her channel was through her boyfriend Felix, a.k.a. PewDiePie. At first, I was pretty annoyed by her voice because I wasn't sure if that was real or she was making it extra cute, but the more I watched, the more I realized she wasn't faking it. Now, Marzia's channel has become my go-to for relaxing videos that speak to me on such a feminine level.

Recently, her videos have really gotten formed, with cute doodles, lovely, lovely video editing, cute shots, light, feathery feels... I am obsessed. I'm just so in-love with the aesthetics of everything she does! Regardless of whether her video is about completing errands, creating crafts for Edgar and Maya (their adorable pugs), cooking meals for herself and Felix, or just heading to the beach, every video is super calming.

Marzia also has her own blog and product line, which are also extensions of her aesthetics. I've wanted to subscribe to her monthly subscription box for the longest time, but it's still not available for shipping to the Philippines. Sad life.

This guy. Up until half of last year, I had only ever watched female beauty gurus just because I wasn't sure how I'd become attracted to follow a routine from a man. When I discovered Jeffree Star (I don't know how that happened but thank you God), I felt so happy. I can relate with him on so many levels, and I am just so amazed by what he's accomplished. 

I never thought I'd be taking tips on makeup from a guy (sorry for my stereotype, but that's in the past), but this guy right here is better at makeup than most girls I know. I trust his reviews, and his frankness towards brands just makes you trust him more. I also love how he shares his life with Nate (le boyfriend), his friendship with Manny MUA (another awesome Youtuber), and just life in general.

Not a lot of people buy boujie makeup products just to review them, and that's one of the things I like about jeffree's channel. He tries a lot of items from each end of the spectrum and it just stretches his knowledge and experience on how makeup should feel. He also has his own makeup line so that definitely helps establish his clout in the beauty community.

I saw one of his videos on Facebook around November (I think), and it was about the biggest grammar fails his fans saw on Facebook that were sent to him. I couldn't stop laughing! Aside from the content being super funny and *ehemm* stupid, his reactions always does it for me. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder - his fans send him screens of the fails and he reacts to them.

While this type of video isn't new (there are a LOT of react videos on the tube), his reaction and the content he chooses to react to offers something more. When he isn't posting reactions, he's posting vlogs and just recently, a cooking video which he filmed in six hours. As expected, it failed, but that's how you know you're in on the community, you know? It's not a surprise, but it's not bad either. 

If I had to choose just one reason for subscribing, it would be the fact that we are irked by the same thing - wrong grammar/spelling. With Google readily available, your errors shouldn't be there at all. Look the word up before posting and go from there.

That concludes this list of Youtubers that I am currently watching and can't live without. There are quite a few more (which I will reserve for another post), but these were the creators that immediately came to my head when I started the topic. They're all very nice people with various content, so please check them out if you haven't already and subscribe if you like their videos.

I'd love to know which Youtubers you watch daily! Recommend me some down in the comments, okay? :) 

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  1. I love Pewdiepie and Marzia! One time when they went to Japan and I realized that I would be there on the same day, I was so stoked on stalking them (based on their IG posts) and seeing them in person. Unfortunately, I was never really able to see them lol. Jeffree Star is my go-to for makeup videos too!

    1. OMG really? I love them both as well! They fit so well and I'm super happy they're engaged now. :) Hehehe I was kind of thinking the same thing tbh about stalking them a little hahaha. It would have been fun if you actually got around to seeing them right? :)

  2. I am not much into YouTube so most of the people included in your list are foreign to me. Except for Pewdiepie, that is! Saw him a few times whilst the husband is watching but I thought he was to hilarious and loud for my taste. Plus, am not that much into computer games, so he was really not right up my alley. Marzia sounds interesting, though, and I will check her channel and her blog when I find the time. Thanks for sharing!



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